Voiceover Demos  

Click the
Celebrity Sounds Like Ring Tones (TM) link to hear samples of  the dynamic impressions this talented artist can deliver!

Animation Voice Demo

Robert Burton Animation Voice Demo>
Yes, the siren and loud speaker radio are all me :)

Commercial Voice Demo for Television

Robert Burton Commercial Voice Demo, Television.
Spots include:
- NBC2012Summer Olympics, Huawei
- Irvine BMW
- NBC 2012 Summer Olympics, Cymer
- Sprint Wholesale Solutions

Audio Book:  Narration Demo

Robert Burton narrates:
"The Tale of The Comet" by Robert Ellis Gordon

Accent Voice Demo

In the Accent Voice Demo above, you can hear a wide range of dialects
as well as actually see which ones are playing as the text floats by :)

Pick N Roll (VO Radio Announcer)

As Sports Radio Announcer #1 in Josh Mitchells new series. 
Directed by Christian Link, who also makes a voice cameo as Sports
Radio Announcer #2

"PMS Man" Animated TV Series 

A new superhero that today's world so desperately needs.

Voices: Robert Burton, Daniel Gulla, Melissa Pang.
Created, Written, Produced, Directed, and Animated by Daniel Gulla.

The Dorry Dorito Show

This commercial was written, produced, and directed by Daniel Gulla. 
Robert Burton does all the voice over for the male characters and has
some fun at the end.

"Day in the Life of a Comic" Performance Video

Robert Burton takes down the Dragon Lady in his own inimitable style.