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Contains scenes from "Little Blue Pill", "Olive Crest", "No Ordinary Family", and "Matchmakers."
- In "Olive Crest", I play a drug addict and abusive father.
- In "Little Blue Pill" I guest-star as Shane, a slightly disturbed orderly.
- In "No Ordinary Family", I co-star as Sal the Global Tech Guard.
- In "Matchmakers", I guest-star as a tough police officer who gets taken advantage of.

Rat-Man: The Series / Season 2, Episode 1 

A different kind of superhero who emerges from the bowels of the
recession to fight crime.  Only this time, it's justice... for a price. 

See full episodes online at: http://rat-mantheseries.com/episodes.html

"Day in the Life of a Comic" Performance Video

Robert Burton takes down the Dragon Lady in style.

"Little Blue Pill" Performance Video 

Robert Burton as Shane, the sadistic orderly in Little Blue Pill.

No Ordinary Family, ABC Performance Video

Robert as Sal the Global Tech Guard in "No Ordinary Ring" Episode.
They cut my lines, but I still got the co-star credit :)

"Olive Crest" Performance Video

In the "Bad Guy" role as an abusive father and drug addict. This is
one of Robert's best performance videos.

"Lone Russian" Performance Video

After a lone Russian soldier in a Siberian silo slowly goes crazy over time, he
launches a nuclear missile. Robert Burton plays the communications officer
who detects the launch. Spoken in Russian.

X10 Google Ad

A parody of the Witness Protection Program, with "Christopher Walken"
giving you the dirt on X10.

Full Videos

"Day in the Life of a Comic" Episode 1

He's the best voice artist you've never heard of...

What's it like when you're an artist struggling to succeed? What drives
you, and what drives you nuts?