Robert Burton
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Hair: Brown   Eyes: Brown   Height: 6’1”   Weight: 195 lbs   Birth date: 01/06/75
Age Range:
30 – 40 years old  Pants: 32 Waist, 34 Inseam, Shirt: (16 ½” neck) L
Suit: 42 L.  Shoe: 12R Hat:
Large, 7 3/4"

Union Affiliations:           SAG/AFTRA
                                             AFTRA   SAG


Little Blue Pill Lead          Aaron Godfred
Olive Crest Lead Visual Media Group
Lone Russian Lead 3rd Eye Films
Tragedy of a Mother & Son Supporting Romane Simon
Wanderers Supporting Andrea Lacoste-Hines
SIFF 35th Anniversary Supporting Rick Stevenson
Wedding Day Supporting Andre Gordon
The Details Ray Liotta (Stand In) Jacob Aaron Estes


Rat-Man: The Series Lead, Rat-Man Schaffer-Shokai Productions
Day in the Life of a Comic Lead, Robert Burton Crossfire Productions
Matchmakers Guest-Star, Cop Main Girl Productions
The K.W. Project Guest-Star, Charlie Sheen Lord Entertainment Group
No Ordinary Family Co-Star, Sal Global Tech Guard ABC, Terry McDonough
Videos / Commercials------------------------------------------
Available on request    
Voice Over----------------------------------------------------
"Just Sayin" for
Twitter & Facebook
Lead Voice Talent,
Character Impressions
Ricky Gervais/ Scott Cook
NBC-Universal (Burbank) Promos and Trailers (Various) Bill Weisman / Sr. Producer
I Shall Remain Lead, Michael (V.G.) Jake Way
PMS MAN Lead, Various (Animated) Daniel Gulla
Deblume Ringtones Lead Voice Artist
(105 Voices)
Deblume, Inc. / Phyllis Huster
Pick N Roll Radio Announcer #1 Josh Mitchell
LA Comedy Awards 2012
Most Hilarious Voiceover Max Worthington
Al Bowman
Theater (selected)----------------------------------------------------
Murder Mystery America Principal St. Michelle Dinner Train, WA
Tony and Tina's Wedding Principal TNT Productions / Tony Lauria
Kill Me Again Principal ETG Productions / Jerry Mancoff
Road Fashion 2009 - 2010    Catalog Model Paul Laush 
Men Of Reign Poster Model John Souter
Private Lessons (ongoing)   Christine Ferra-Gilmore, LA
Dramatic Scene Study         Christine Ferra-Gilmore, LA
Comedic Scene Study   Christine Ferra-Gilmore, LA
Meisner Technique Christine Ferra-Gilmore, LA
Method Acting Christine Ferra-Gilmore, LA
Commercial Technique   Christina Ferra-Gilmore, LA
Hey I Saw Your Commercial   Mike Pointer
The Character Actor Lanney Steele,  WA
Private Lessons   William Michael Paul, WA
Improvisation William Michael Paul,  WA
Close Up Camera Work William Michael Paul,  WA
VO Master Class   Steven Reisberg, LA
VO Dialects & Accents   Gin Hammond,  WA
Fearless Cold Reading   Karen Kohlhaas, NY
The Art of the Audition   Karen Kohlhaas, NY
Actor Essentials   Clay Banks, LA

Dialects: New York, Southern, British, Spanish, Mexican, Irish, Russian, Midwest, Australian, French, German, Boston, Scottish. I possess a great ability to mimic most accents that I hear spoken.

US Marine Corps  (4 years)
  Tactical Data Specialist, Rifleman
US Army
(5 years) – Ranger, Special Operations
9 Years of combined Active Duty in both Services.

5 Ton Vehicle, RSOV (Ranger Special Operations Vehicle), 2.5 Ton Vehicle, Precision Driving.

Firearms Training - M16, AK-47, M-40 Sniper Rifle, M-203 Grenade Launcher,
.50 Cal Machine Gun, Hand Grenades, numerous handguns.

Athletics: Motorcycle, Biking, Mountain Climbing, Shooting and Marksmanship, Mixed Martial Arts, Gracie Jujitsu, Boxing, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Golf, Racquetball, Aerobics, Swimming, Fencing, Military Land Navigation, Fitness Trainer, Archery, Sky Diving, Rock Climbing, Aerobics, Badminton, Billiards, Body Building, Body Surfing, Bowling, Diving, Fishing, Fly Fishing, Football, Frisbee, Hacky-Sack, Handball, Hiking, Jet Skiing, Jogging, Jump Rope, Kick Boxing, Lacrosse, Ping Pong, Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Rollerblade, Rugby, Running, Scuba Diving, Skateboard Street, Skeet/Trap Shooting, Snow Skiing, Snowmobile, Softball, Tennis, Trampoline, Volleyball, Water Polo, Wrestling.

Languages Spoken :  English, Spanish.

Performing Skills: Improvisation, Singing, Dancing, Sound effects, Impersonations, Stage Combat, Voiceover, Host, Guitar. I possess a great ability to mimic most voices that I hear spoken.

Dance:  Hip Hop, Waltz, Club/Freestyle, Modern, Disco, Country.

July 12th, 2012