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Celebrity Sounds Like Ring Tones (TM) @ Deblume!
High quality ring tones for your cell phone, at a third of the price!
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Rat-Man: The Series

A different kind of superhero who emerges from the bowels of the recession to fight crime.  Only this time, it's justice... for a price. 

See full episodes online at: Rat-Man The Series/episodes.html

5/1/2012 Update

@ Rolling Stone Lounge in Hollywood for some Red Carpet events.




4/5/2012 Update

@ Flappers Comedy Club on April 11th @ 9:30 PM in the Yoo Hoo Room :)
102 East Magnolia, Burbank CA 91502     Phone: 818-845-9721
Featuring Jon Pirincci, Perry Kurtz, Anna Lane, Destiny,  and yours truly!

Click on the pic below to go to the ticket page!

3/06/2012 Update  LA COMEDY AWARDS WINNER!!!

I won the "Most Hilarious Voiceover" award at the 3rd annual LA Comedy Awards 2012!  What a fun night! Photos are below. Thanks to Max Worthington and Al Bowman, and to all who came out to support me ;)

Acceptance-Speech   Charlie Sheen Impression

Red Carpet

1/09/2012 Update

Auditioned for a new movie in Seattle, WA. I think it adds an entirely new meaning to the phrase "You really KILLED it tonight!"

"Worst Night" Audition

1/09/2012 Update

@ Flappers Comedy Club on Jan 18th @ 7:30 PM in the Yoo Hoo Room :)
102 East Magnolia, Burbank CA 91502     Phone: 818-845-9721
Featuring Perry Kurtz, Jay London, Destiny, Pebbles, and yours truly!

12/24/2011 Update

I am proud to say that I am now officially approved to work for NBC as a voice talent! I am on their payroll through the end of 2012. Very exciting times indeed.

12/18/2011 Update

I have a new agent and PR firm! I have the pleasure of being retained across the board by the Daily Talent Agency, as well as being repped by Stars for The Stars PR. My Contact page has been updated to reflect this.

9/21/2011 Update

Check out part one of my new web series "PMS Man" on YouTube! It's a a new series written, created, and animated by Daniel Gulla. With the voice talent of yours truly and Melissa Pang. It is one show not to be missed :D


9/19/2011 Update

I am performing at the Jewel Box Theater @ Rendezvous in Seattle with The Seattle Theater Readers. I will read from my nephew John Guilliatt's new screenplay "Boxing Ring" as well as perform some much needed (and kick ass, I might add...) comedy for my theater peers!


9/17/2011 Update

I am now the star in a brand new web series called "Rat-Man" on YouTube! It's a revival of a cult classic from the 80's. He's crass, he's greedy, he looks out for himself, but he gets the job done. A new hero for our new recession times
... coming this fall!



 3/1/2011 Update:

The Show Runner Series
I have a new SAG franchised NM series called "Day in the Life of a Comic" that will consist of 10 episodes initially! It's a very ambitious project that will involve at least 8 other comedians and many other actors. The best part of this production is that I am making 8 of these episodes completely about other comedians. Plus, I am giving back to my wonderful acting community and making it possible for others to be involved with a quality SAG production.

It will be part of my new "Showrunner Series" and will debut at:

Stay tuned!!!

Robert Burton has finally arrived on your phone in the zany manner you would expect him to! Introducing... Celebrity Sounds Like Ringtones (TM) in partnership with DeBlume Digitals (TM). I have created and uploaded some superb quality ring tones that sound like animated characters and other "real life" film and television celebrities.
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Down with corporate greed, and more power to the people!

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For iTunes and Zune, go to the music download application and enter "Robert Burton" in the search bar. Beware, Zune's site is COMPLETELY awful, slow, not search oriented for my name, and just kind of crappy. I am thinking I just might not sell my self produced albums there.

Upcoming Television Roles:

Law and Order: SVU 
Forensic Technician with Mariska Hargitay + Skeet Ulrich.
Original Air Date: Already Aired - 28 Sep 2010, Season 12, Episode 3: Behave
The network messed this one up and gave me the incorrect air date and show title!

CSI: Miami
Featured reporter with Zane Holtz
Original Air Date: 10 October 2010, Episode 2 Season 9: Sudden Death

No Ordinary Family
Featured as "Sal" the Global Tech security guard with Julie Benz
Original Air Date: 13 October 2010, Episode 3 Season 1 "No Ordinary Ring"
Also on www.hulu.com  at 28:35 mark.

The Mentalist
Featured Forensic Photographer with Simon Baker and Robin Tunney.
Original Air Date: 21 Oct 2010, Episode 5 Season 3 "The Red Ponies"

7/30/2010 Update:
Interview with Marta Cappa, author of the children's book "Stories from Slumber Village: The Best Grandpa in The World!"  This is a promo interview for her web site:



7/25/2010 Update:
Performing stand up comedy at Harper's Bar and Grill in Tarzana!  The "Chick and Bro' Show" with Marco Assante, Marie Delprete, and 4 other comedians!
Show starts at 7:00 PM and it is F-R-E-E!!!



I am a regular talent on LA Talk Radio, every week on Fridays from 8:00 - 9:00 PM.
Listen in for the voices, or just be entertained with the journey the show takes!
It may be serious, irreverent, or thought provoking but... it's ALWAYS fun!
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